The Best Way to Stop Hair Loss During Menopause

The closer she got to menopause, the more he will start to see some hair loss. During menopause, hair loss can start getting worse. Hormonal changes and a decrease of estrogen is the cause of hair loss for women during menopause. Hair loss can be very dramatic for women, when paired with other menopausal symptoms. All hope is not lost, there are things you can do to stop and mend hair loss during menopause.

Dietary changes

A good diet nutrition plan and proper nutritional supplements comprised of the best way to help with hair loss, even when going through menopause. At this time in the life of the woman, the metabolism slows down considerably, and the body begins to absorb different nutrients. This is why it is important to eat foods full of nutrients that are needed in building a healthy, strong hair.

Diet menopause building high hair in animal protein. Eat a lot of meat, fish and cheese. Attach animal protein with fruits and vegetables. Add beans, miso and fish oil to the diet as well. These foods will provide you with the necessary vitamins to stop hair loss and grow hair back.

For nutritional supplements, you will need vitamins A, E and K, B-Complex vitamins, iron and biotin. These supplements thicken hair and promotes hair growth.

Drug treatment

There are drug treatments on the market that can help with hair loss menopause. Products like Rogaine and Propecia has been proven to re grow hair in women. They contain drugs such as minoxidil and finasteride that restore strength and density of the hair follicles to stop shedding and growing long hair. Treatment medications take several weeks before the results are less visible. With constant use, the effects of hair loss menopause can be alleviated with this product.


There are many benefits to exercise everyday. In addition to the benefits for the rest of the body, exercise improves hair health. Exercise increases metabolism, which stimulates the thyroid. Thyroid releasing enzymes that stimulate hair growth.

Hormonal therapy

Because a lot of hair loss during menopause is due to hormonal changes in the body, hormone therapy can help to restore your hair. There are many hormonal treatment that your doctor may recommend to help with menopausal symptoms. This may include estrogen supplements. The hair may be thinning due to loss of estrogen in the body, so supplementation with hormones can help.

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