Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Laser hair removal during pregnancy

Women who are pregnant may find that not only are they grow hair harder than ever, but the hair that grows in areas of recent and increasingly difficult to cut. Laser hair removal may seem like the perfect solution, but discuss it with your doctor first. While lasers used for hair removal procedures do not penetrate the skin very deeply, no research has been conducted to determine it is safe to use while pregnant, and many obstetrician advised against it, just to be safe. Other healthcare providers consider a safe use during pregnancy.

Is it wise to go for laser hair reduction of pregnancy for women who are trying to start a family? This is a custom request that practitioners of medical laser heard from many women who are health conscious.

Important problems of pregnancy

Pregnancy marks the entry of women into childbirth. Pregnancy is an important and difficult stages in a woman’s life. As well as other problems that occur during pregnancy the problem of unwanted hair growth is a real problem and the most irritating for some women. Certain hormonal transformations that occur in the body during pregnancy is the cause of this problem.

Most women experience insomnia, heartburn, nausea in the morning, body aches and headaches during pregnancy their early but then they know how to deal with this issue of familiarity.

Safety for pregnant women

To address these questions is simple, the understanding of the mechanism of laser hair removal treatments are needed.

Laser hair reduction works by sending streams of intense laser target hair follicles. In order to reach the hair follicles Laser stream should enter the skin no more than a few millimeters. Therefore, it is unlikely that the laser beam will go deeper to pose risks to the developing baby.

Laser light does not like x-ray and only external exposure. A pregnant woman who has a healthy 3% risk of birth defects and a 15% chance of miscarriage and nothing can alter the risk. There is no evidence that the use of laser transforms this risk at all.

The next request was about conception. Whether using laser is safe if anyone tries to start a family or if a pregnant woman during the various sessions of the required procedures. The answer is that it is not harmful to the baby.

Pain Killers for pregnant women

Last but not least there is the question of the use of painkillers. Great care should be taken before using drugs for laser hair reduction of easing pain during pregnancy because of the risk of possible effects of certain medications during pregnancy.

The good news is that there is no anesthesia is used during the procedure, a soothing cream is for external use only desensitizes the skin out and have no contact with the baby. In addition, the introduction of laser equipment the ultra-modern and safe with an efficient cooling has reduced the need for anesthesia during the procedure.

Advice for pregnant women

Pregnancy can be a difficult stage for women, especially those who are pregnant for the first time. As the mood changes and increased sensitivity to pain during pregnancy the hair reduction laser procedure may turn out to be painful for some women.

Also because of the danger of side effects not related to laser hair reduction, but because pregnancy itself cosmetic laser clinic did not take the patient is pregnant. So, because of this consideration it makes more sense to not have this procedure during pregnancy. If you have a previous schedule to follow then you should ideally have to be patient and wait until after the birth.

There are no known issues have seen yet that prevents pregnancy laser hair reduction. It is quite safe and have no known risk. So, whether you are pregnant or trying to start a family there are no risks associated with the use of lasers for hair removal.

But there’s one big problem with all of this and that is that cosmetic laser clinic will usually turn to You as a patient if you are pregnant. So it seems that the best course of action is to sit still, be patient, and then after the birth to pamper yourself with laser hair reduction program.

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