How to Prepare for Laser Bikini Hair Removal

laser bikini hair removal

Are you sick of shaving the bikini line or pay for my waxing everytime you want to wear a bathing suit? Laser hair removal completely remove all hair after just a few sessions. If you’re ready to become a hair free, prepare yourself well for laser hair removal appointments You to ensure the best results.


Stop tweezing, waxing and electrolysis at least 3 weeks before your first session of laser hair removal. You can continue to shave Your bikini area both before and after laser hair removal.

Avoid tanning, either real or artificial, for about 4 to 6 weeks before the treatment. Each pigment (color) on your skin will make laser hair removal less effective. Most specialists would refuse to treat a tanned area, such as blisters and discoloration may occur.

Shaving the bikini area throughout the 3 days before Your laser hair removal sessions. Let the straw to grow back, so that the doctor can follow the natural hairline. Some salons will ask you to come completely shaved, so you’ll have to check when you make an appointment.

Cleaning up bikini area completely. You don’t have to apply a lotion or spray to the area on the day of Your laser hair removal.

Take ibuprofen to prepare for Your appointment. Although there is no evidence that pain relief helps with discomfort, many people swear by it. Ibuprofen will often reduce the redness and swelling caused by the laser.

Apply numbing cream to the bikini area about an hour before your treatment. For the first session, you must arrive early enough so that you can take and use cream freeze.

Ask the nurse, doctor or doctors what type of laser he will use, and if there are any special arrangements you need to be aware of-try to be as informed as possible about your care. You can also ask the receptionist when you first make an appointment for you.

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