Beautiful brown hair with blonde highlights

Beautiful brown hair with blonde highlights

Many people like to get their key tinged with brown color that looks simply stunning. Brown hair color goes well with almost any type of hair, hair style and skin color. If your hair is naturally colored Brown or you have it like that, how about adding some blond highlights? Blonde highlights added the spices are perfect for brown hair and believe me, they look pretty awesome.

For brown hair color, bright blonde tone look great. You can have the hair strands that are widely highlighted in one of the shades of blond. Golden blond or ash blonde also looks amazing on the young brunette.

I should mention that You should really avoid the blonde color red if your hair color is light brown. The reason is that blonde in red did not blend well with light brown hair and will give you a strange look.

For medium brown hair color, colors like gold, strawberry blonde or rust tones of blonde looks great. If you have wavy locks Brown base color, go for a combination of light blonde and Red blonde highlights that are sure to give you the look fashionable.

Dark brown hair fit every skin and hair color shade it looks very natural and beautiful. You need to be careful while adding highlights in dark hair, as some striking shades of blonde may seem strange.

Light brown and copper blonde highlights look perfect on dark brown hair. Another great option is to add the chestnut blonde highlights on dark brown hair.

To get the look, you can choose to get a thin needle highlights selected color on dark brown hair.

In the case of dark brown hair, this look more stylish than a string of highlight area. You can also try red or blonde needle stroke of honey to dark brown hair.

Platinum blonde highlights brown hair look stunning in women who have a fair skin. Remember that highlights the striking as give effect bold, then get them done only if you can bring the look good.

Caramel blonde highlights match with any color of brown hair. If you don’t want flashy highlights, then pick the color of blonde.

In addition, most shades of blonde, platinum blonde, unless matched with golden brown hair.

Remember that you can always add a light golden brown highlights in a medium dark brown hair and dark to get soft, yet look stylish.

Blonde highlights to add more dimension and depth to brown hair, and improve the overall appearance of your key. It looks great on your hair straight, wavy and curly. Remember, after you select one of the hair coloring ideas mentioned above, you should really follow the hair care routine. Blonde highlights for brown hair makes your locks directly visible and has a dazzling effect on your face. So get your hair streaked with blonde highlights and sporting a stylish new look!

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