New Hair Color Trends 2020

Taking the plunge on a new hair trend can be risky. You worry about whether or not it will work with your skin tone. You worry about coming off like you’re trying too hard. You’re worried about damaging the overall work of the colorist do. ..

But once you sift through the ideas are countless hair color and finally decided to try a new hair trend, you also have to wonder whether it will fall out of style as fast as it comes in (feather hair extensions come to mind!).

Blondes hair color choice is still the bomb by 2020 but with a twist. Celebs and hairdresser who choose to color blonde in a cold tone for a dramatic impact. I love the soft, sweet Emma Stone style combined with edgy hue ice blonde! Think of platinum, silver, and purple tones cool not warm the yolks and butter blonde. If you are still addicted to the golden key, consider adding some talent with some cool blond highlights.

Pink, purple, and blue, oh my! Sweet pastel hair color, hair color, and odd are really hot for 2020. What is great about pastel, is you can go with a more creative without being too strong. Soft Pastel and feminine, but also fun and funny. Add some subtle drama to your look with one of the flirtiest hair color trends of the season.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria is one of the hottest hair color 2020. Burnt chocolate brown natural brown color combine with copper highlights and tones to achieve a “burning” effect on the hair. This hair color techniques are so warm and rich that it is the perfect way to warm up any skin color. Not to mention that it is a fun way to spice up Your average brunette hair color!

Whether it’s the clip-in hair extensions or the real deal, 2020 is a great opportunity to show off Your wild side with a little pop of bright hair colors! With peak a boo color, you need not overcommit to a new style, but can enjoy a playful dare fav color your hair that you can hide or make visible as desired.

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