Light Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas

Light golden brown hair color is a brown hair color tones. When the right coloring care taken, these colors can be used by people who have a cool skin tone. The others who fall in the category of a warm skin tone, this is a hair color that suits them very well. The following are some guidelines about the category of cold and warm skin and tips on choosing the right color is light golden brown.

Colors Compatibility

Choosing hair color depends on two main factors. The first is the facial skin and the second is the eye color. Light golden brown hair can be used as hair dyes by people who have a warm skin tone and eye color. People with warm skin tones including speckled skin, skin color is brown with a tinge of pink or reddish skin, gold and pale skin with peach or Golden undertones. Eye color can be golden brown eyes, green eyes, greenish blue eyes or brown eyes with brown spots or gold. Such people can dye their hair with a beautiful light golden brown, or choose to highlight the chunky or skinny this shade.

People who have a cold skin tone and eye color is included in the cold, avoid coloring their hair completely with this color. Because it will make their face look pale. However, on the basis of dark brown hair color is possible to get hair highlights of golden brown color. People who fall within the category of cold skin can have the skin color that have pale skin with a tinge of pink or no color. Bronze or brown skin after tanning, leather dark brown. Or medium skin with bright pink color in the cheeks or colorless, medium skin with gold or olive skin tones. Eye color can be dark blue, brown colored with spots of light, grayish blue, dark brown or blackish brown.

How to get your hair Dyed Golden Brown?

If you are thinking of coloring your hair really light golden brown, then you can buy hair coloring kit and follow the instructions mentioned on the kit for hair coloring. Or you can visit a stylist to get the light golden brown hair dye. To get a more refined look of colored hair, go for the hair color ideas that have around 8-12 strokes golden brown. Use a bit of thin highlights in bangs you, some of the highlights on the sides of your head, and some of the highlights in the back. You can also have some of the highlights from the hair behind your ears, so that when you tie the hair back, the highlights are revealed. Instead of doing the highlights at home, it is better to visit a stylist to get the best results.

How to care for Your Hair Colored?

To protect you from hair coloring to fade and to maintain it longer, use hair care tips. Keep your hair, wear protective head coverings such as scarves, hats, caps, etc. too much sun exposure, will make your hair color quickly fades. You can also use a hair dye products contain sunscreen, which helps protect against color fade. Many leave the conditioner has sunscreen in it. So, select the product properly, to avoid color fading. Also, use a mild shampoo has been specially created for colored hair. Each time, swimming in chlorinated pools, washing the hair with water, it will dilute the effect of chemicals on your hair color treated.

So, follow the above tips to dye your hair, and using the above hair care tips to maintain your hair color better.

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