How to Make a Homemade Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Olive oil is a natural derivative of ripe olives. Although it is mainly used in cooking, is also a common ingredient in beauty products good homemade and commercial. According to, topical application of olive oil to soften and protect the work and rarely cause allergic reactions. When used on the hair, olive oil is believed to soothe the scalp lock and add shine.

Hair care aisle of your local super store can be overwhelming. There are so many products claiming to make your hair softer, shinier and healthier, but the reality is that most of them leaving your hair more coarse, dull and unhealthy.

If you are tired of a product that does not work, try a natural alternative. Olive oil can make your hair healthier and more manageable, without all the chemicals found in traditional hair care products.


Pour 4 tablespoons olive oil in a small bowl. Add a sprig or two of fresh rosemary for the oil. Rosemary takes a few hours to allow the nutrients to seep into the oil before application.
Add two eggs for mix olive oil and rosemary.

Whisk until smooth and well mixed.
Apply the mixture immediately after adding the eggs. Start with your scalp. Use your fingers to work in one small area at a time. Then apply the treatment evenly throughout your hair, working from the root to the tip.

Wrap Your head in plastic wrap to help the treatment of seep into your hair, rather than being your clothes and furniture. Wrap a towel on your head after the plastic wrap to create warmth, which will also help the treatment to work. Set the timer for 30 minutes and allow the treatment to do its job.
Wash your hair carefully with a shampoo made for oily hair. You may need to wash your hair twice or even three times to wash all the eggs and olive oil.

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