Hair Color Ideas for Dark Hair

Dark hair is one of the most dominant hair colors throughout the world, which is what makes it very common. But it is also one of the best colors to experiment on with different hair colors to alter your look. But while making these hair changes, it is very important to choose the right colors, which suit your skin tone so that you don’t end up making a blunder! Colored highlights such as blonde and burgundy look great on such hair. Out of the many hair color ideas for dark hair, we have shortlisted a few most popular ones in the paragraphs below.

Jet black, dark brown, reddish brown, etc., are shades of natural dark hair that are found among Asians, Latin Americans, Africans and people who are cross cultured. Thus, the skin tone along with color of the hair of each of these individuals varies drastically, depending on their origins and cultures. However, when you feel like coloring your hair or getting highlights, you would first consider the range of colors that would suit your skin and alter your look very slightly. Here are some shades that you could opt for.

Shades of Red
Red or other shades of this rich color are often used by American, Asian and Latin American women who have dark hair and fair or slightly tanned skin tone.

There are a number of shades in the color red to choose from, such as; mahogany, burgundy, brick red, rust and copper. These colors form a range of shades in red and can be picked depending on your skin tone and type of hair.

Sometimes, certain shades don’t look very appropriate for women with curly hair, but I think burgundy, mahogany and copper would look perfect on those soft bouncing curls.

If you want to keep your original color, you can simply get highlights of one of these colors, as these too, add style to your plain boring hair. You could try various types of hairstyles and haircuts when you have these rich shades of red in your hair, so as to accentuate the color even more.

Shades of Brown
Now, brown is a color which is known to be one of the most neutral hair colors of all time. Brown and its shades are very user-friendly and they suit almost any skin tone, depending on which shade of brown you would choose.

Like red, there are various shades of brown such as; brunette, hazelnut, chocolate brown and blonde. These shades range from darker to lighter tones and they could be used depending on which ones suit your skin the most.

If you have black hair, which most African women have, brunette or chocolate brown could be a great pick for you. If you already have this color, then you should go for other brown shades such as hazelnut and blonde. Highlights or streaks would look great.

Other Colors
You could also opt for unique shades of purple such as; deep purple, magenta, violet, plum and other shades such as spruce green, deep royal blue and pink shades.

Even though these would be very rare choices to color your complete hair, they could look very stylish as highlights for some hairstyles. You could match them up with an outfit or you could keep them as temporary style statements till you are bored of seeing the same color!

Shades like orange, electric blue and pink, yellow or green are best if limited to hair highlights. Using them for your entire hair, would definitely cause blunders and looking presentable at work or in college could be a problem!

I hope that you have found the color of your choice! So, go ahead and change your look to something better and newer and make sure you enjoy it.

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