Best Long Hairstyles with Side Bangs

Bangs is a sleek, stylish addition to any hairstyle. Side bangs swept to one side, usually the head or any other manner that is slim, according to the latest hair styles.

If you have long hair and wear down and loose, side bangs are complementary, whether your hair is straight, curly or anywhere in between. Add side sweeping bangs and to one side of the hair style adds depth, making it look thicker, according to HR Bangs. Deep side part can be easily reached. Simply specify the side of your head You want to sweep the bangs. Then, part your hair about two inches from the side of your head. For example, if You sweep Your bangs to the right, the section of hair you’re two inches from the middle of the left side of your head.

While brow-skimming and one-length bangs across the forehead come and go as a trend, side bangs effortlessly stay in fashion because they are more manageable than shorter bangs. Worn with shoulder length hair, side bangs can be cut especially long, it even allows the wearer to push them from the face entirely if desired. As famous people like Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner and Lauren Conrad have been often photographed wearing side bangs with long hair, the look has become perhaps one for the fans of celebrity style.

Best Long Edgy Hairstyles for Women

Check out the eye-popping effects of long edgy hair styles that add alternative vibe to your appearance and see if it is the real deal for you to stand out from the crowd.

Edgy long hair styles can be made in various ways. Playing with layers and colored hair is fun. Another way is to experiment with the parts. Braiding and twisting, teasing, can also create a unique look when you want to change everything.

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